Flooring Options: Tile That Looks Like Wood or Real Hardwood?

Flooring Options: Tile That Looks Like Wood or Real Hardwood?

29 August, 2012 | 12:35 |

Oak Natural - Uniblock Flooring CollectionWhen it comes to flooring options, tile that looks like wood is becoming increasingly popular. Flooring manufacturers are coming up with ceramic and porcelain wood-like tile floors that are generally well received by both consumers and industry professionals.

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Hardwood looking tile certainly has its advantages: the beautiful textured look of authentic wood is replicated on a ceramic surface; for interiors where moisture levels can fluctuate dramatically, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or basements, tile really can be a stylish and practical alternative to real hardwood. But unless you are renovation your kitchen or bathroom, why settle for an imitation, when you can have the real thing?

Como Ash uniblock oiled flooring by CoswickCoswick Uniblock flooring collection features 8 solid ¾” thick designer floors that come in preassembled 9″ x 9” uniblocks. These square parquet “tiles” consist of 4 to 6 planks each and can be quickly laid into a classic checkerboard pattern using glue-down method. They are great solution to real wood vs imitation dilemma for condos, apartments and other urban interiors where choice of floor coverings is usually limited to engineered hardwood, laminate or non-wooden products.


Benefits of real wood uniblocks over wood-like tile flooring options:


  • Hardwood uniblocks are manufactured from real wood;


  • Hardwood uniblocks are not slippery. Porcelain and ceramic tile flooring can become very slippery (especially immediately after cleaning). Coswick uniblock floors come prefinished with semigloss or matte lacquer, or silk oil, durable hardwood finishes that are far safer that way.


  • Many ceramic and porcelain “hardwood” tiles are installed over radiant heat, and American Walnut - Uniblock Flooring Collectionfor a good reason: clay and stone are cold by nature. Wood, on the other hand, is a naturally warm organic material that quickly adjusts to room temperature, remaining warm even through fall and winter seasons. Walking barefoot in a real wood floor is feels pleasant all year round.


  • Installing uniblock flooring is an easy procedure: blocks simply need to be glued down onto plywood, wooden subfloor or sound membrane; precision milling makes installation worry-free.


  • Uniblock flooring comes in 9” x 9” (228.6 x 228.6mm) preassembled squares that consist of 4 to 6 planks each. Uniblocks are laid into a classic checkerboard pattern.


  • Hardwood uniblocks are manufactured from oak, ash, and American walnut, and come prestained in 8 designer colors.


  • Oak Milk Chocolate - Uniblock Flooring CollectionSolid uniblock floors have a lifetime structural warranty that guarantees that flooring will retain its structural integrity for a lifetime; 25 year finish warranty applies to floors with semigloss and matte lacquer CosNanoTech+ finishes.


  • Milled as classic tonque and groove profile; have delicate microbevel on all 4 sides.
  • Perfect for urban condos, apartments and high-rise suits.


Currently, Coswick uniblock flooring is available in 8 designer colors. In October 2012, this flooring collection will be expanded with a new color, Pearl Grey. Samples of all Coswick hardwood tile floors can be ordered online free of charge. To request complimentary samples of Coswick hardwood uniblock flooring, please click here.


Ash Moonlight - Uniblock Flooring Collection Ash Avalanche block wood flooring Pearl Grey Ash - Uniblock Hardwood Flooring Collection

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