How to Care For Your Flooring

In order to preserve beauty and elegance of your Coswick floors for many years to come, please follow care and maintenance guidelines found below:


Regularly sweep or vacuum your floors to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating and scratching the finish. Use a soft brush or felt type vacuum head; make sure that the vacuum head cannot scratch the floor surface. If necessary, wipe dirty areas with Coswick Cleaner or other cleaners made specifically for wooden floor care.


Regularly scatter rugs to remove dirt and grit. Use Coswick Cleaner or other cleaners made for wooden floor care. Using hardwood floor cleaners not only makes cleaning easier, but also protects the lacquer or oil surface finish.


Throughly clean your hardwood floors using Coswick Service Kit or products recommended by your Coswick dealer. Avoid using household remedies and all-purpose solutions, as they can dull or weaken the surface finish.


Never use a wet mop or water to clean Coswick hardwood floors as it can dull the finish, permanently damage your floorand will void your warranties. Never use wax or oil-based detergents as they will dull or damage floor finish, leave greasyspots and make the floor difficult to clean.

Renewing Oil Finish

Renew oil finish when necessary. The renewal procedure is simple and straightforward. When all flooring care recommendations have been followed, the oil finish will need to be renewed no more than one in 1-2 years.

We recommend using Coswick Oil Renewer, as it will form a durable and elastic protective film and ensure high wear resistance. Coswick Oil Renewer can also be used to selectively renew areas that receive most traffic and wear faster than the rest.

Renewal Directions

Thoroughly clean flooring from all dirt and dust using a vacuum, the clean the surface using Coswick Cleaner. Apply Coswick Oil Renewer using a clean rag or a sponge (if done manually). Thoroughly rub oil into the surface, using 5-10ml for each sq.meter of flooring surface. Remove all excess oil. Allow floor to dry for 30 minutes. Restrict all traffic for at least 12 hours. Sanding is not necessary when using Coswick Oil Renewer.

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