Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

2-layer engineered T&G flooring

Article Thickness Width Length Average length Footage per pack
1121-1216 1/2"
12.7 mm
4 1/4"
107.95 mm
300...1845 mm
0.7 m
2.26 m2

Installation Stapledown or gluedown below, on or above grade.

3-layer single strip flooring CosLoc 5G

Article Thickness Width Length Average length Footage per pack
1131-1216 5/8"
15 mm
127 mm
300...1845 mm
2 1/2'
0.74 m
1.79 m2

Installation Floating below, on or above grade.

Dark Chocolate brushed oak hardwood flooring is finished by innovative Silk Oil technology. The protective finish consists of 4 coats of deep penetrating Silk Oil. Oiled flooring feels warm and smooth under your feet, it does not show dents and scratches as much as other finishes do. Brushed and oiled flooring is very easy to maintain.


Coswick Hardwood Inc warrants its products, in their original manufactured condition, to be free from defects in milling...

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