Classic White Oak Collection

Classic White Oak Flooring

White oak hardwood flooringClassic White Oak Flooring Collection is manufactured from the highest quality white oak hardwood and comes in eight elegant colors that allow you to get artistic about your living space and create a unique atmosphere in your home.

White oak hardwood flooring is available  in a variety of widths – from 3¼” (82.55mm) strips to 6 ¼” (160 mm) planks. Narrow strip flooring looks beautiful in smaller size rooms. Wider planks are a better choice for larger open spaces.

Coswick white oak hardwood flooring comes with factory applied lacquer semigloss CosNanoTech+ finish. CosNanoTech+ finishing technology provides exceptional protection for your hardwood floors. The finish is built from 12 coats of top quality sealers and compounds with aluminum oxide for extra durability. Crosslinked nano particles are used to increase finish elasticity and maintain high wear resistance. CosNanoTech+ finish comes with a 25-year finish warranty.

Classic white oak hardwood flooring is available as solid hardwood, 2-layer engineered T&G flooring, and 3-layer single strip engineered flooring CosLoc 5G.

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