Carpet reducer

Carpet reducer

Carpet reducer is designed to create a smooth transition from hardwood flooring to a thinner or more delicate type of floor covering, such as carpeting. Carper reducers can compensate for slight difference in height between adjoining floors.

Coswick carpet reducers are manufactured in 3 sizes and are to be used with corresponding types of hardwood floors:

Canada and USA:

Carpet reducer

Western Europe, CIS, Near East:

2″ x 3/4″ reducer is to be used with 3/4″ solid hardwood flooring.



50 x 19mm (2″ x 3/4″) carpet reducer is to be use with 19.05mm (3/4″) solid hardwood flooring;

50 x 15mm (2″ x 5/8″) carpet reducer is to be used with 15mm (5/8″) 3-layer engineered CosLoc 5G flooring.

Carpet reducers are manufactured from solid oak, ash and American walnut. Finished carpet reducers are available in lengths of 2100mm (82.6″) and 1200mm (47.2″). Carpet reducers are available prefinished in all Coswick styles and surface finishes, as well as stained in all Coswick colors. This allows for precise matching of reducers to existing wood flooring.

Coswick line of hardwood floor care and maintenance products includes wax pencils and stains that come in all Coswick colors. They are recommended for use during installation and/or repair of carpet reducers. To learn more about how to care for your hardwood flooring, please visit “Hardwood Floor Care.”

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