Langeais Pattern


Overlooking the Loire valley, Château de Langeais is the oldest stone castle in France. Changing epochs and architectural styles have all left their unique footprints inside the castle walls. Only the exquisite taste of its residents and architects remained unchanged.

Refined mosaics that decorate the floors of Château de Langeais weave together complex geometric patterns with the symbols of local ruling families. A walk through the halls of Langeais is much like a walk back through history.

Coswick collection of Langeais mosaic flooring seeks to bring back the masterpieces hand-crafted by the masters of the past into the present.

Coswick line of Langeais mosaic floors is manufactured from white oak and ash, and is available in 5 designer stains that emphasize the unique texture and color variation of natural wood.

All Langeais mosaic floors come with factory-applied Hardwax Oil Combi finish. This environmentally friendly surface finish protects the floor surface from ill effects of moisture and dirt, while allowing the wood to breathe. Hardwax Oil Combi finish emphasizes the grain texture and beauty of natural wood.

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