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CosNanoTech+ Lacquer FinishLacquer CosNanoTech+ is an innovative hardwood flooring finish composed from UV-cured polyurethane acrylates. This finish was developed by Coswick Hardwood Inc and comes under CosNanotech+ trade mark. Multi-layer CosNanoTech+ flooring finish consists of four types of sealers and lacquers that ensure high adhesion to wood, complete closure of pores, perfectly flat surface, and a durable surface film. Polyurethane-acrylic polymers with cross-links used for CosNanoTech+ finish ensure superb durability while preserving high elasticity of the finish. Specially configured microparticles of corundum (artificial diamond) further strengthen the entire finish.


Innovative CosNanoTech+ lacquer finishing technology creates a perfectly flat flooring surface with fully sealed wood pores. Smooth surface and transparency of the lacquer finish intensify the visual depth of the floor. Special wood staining technology emphasizes the natural contrast and uniqueness texture of authentic wood.

Coswick CosNanotech+ lacquer finish is available in two types of surface gloss – semigloss and matte. Level of surface gloss does not change over time.

Compared to other hardwood flooring finishes, CosNanoTech+ lacquer is characterized by superior wear resistance, achieved by using polyurethane-acrylic UV-cured polymers with micro particles of corundum. This allows to extend the lifetime of the floor indefinitely even in extreme conditions.

Because of fully sealed wood pores and thickness of surface lacquer film, CosNanoTech+ finish ensures superb protection from household solvents and food substances, such as coffee, red wine etc.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance of hardwood floors with lacquer CosNanoTech+ finish assumes regular (daily if necessary) cleaning from dust and dirt using a vacuum, followed by a thorough cleaning using Coswick hardwood floor cleaner or other similar product. Due to high wear resistance properties, CosNanotech+ lacquer finish does not require any additional care or finish renewal throughout the entire life of the floor.


Due to strength and resistance of the lacquer finish, “spot repair” of severely damaged planks is a challenging task. For this reason, in cases of serious damage it is easier and more advisable to replace damaged planks than renew original finish.

Range of Use

Lacquer CosNanoTech+ floors can be used both in residential and public interiors. Unlike Hard Wax or Silk Oil, CosNanotech+ lacquer finish has a perfectly smooth and flat surface with completely sealed wood pores. Dents caused by high heels or dropping heavy are always more noticeable on a lacquer finished floor.

Because the surface film of CosNanoTech+ finish is elastic, dents and scratches caused by sharp or heavy objects slightly deform, rather than destroy, the surface film. This type of damage does not affect the longevity of the protective film.

Nevertheless, surface film created by lacquer finish is less elastic than that of Hard Wax or Silk Oil. If the floor is installed in an interior with high humidity, or in case of a short-term flooding, widening and movement of wood planks as they absorb the moisture can lead to appearance of micro-cracks in the surface film. Given timely use of protective water-repellent substances, such micro-cracks do not affect the longevity of the floor or the surface finish.

Hardwood floors with CosNanoTech+ finish are not recommended for use in unheated interiors, or interiors where humidity level are not kept under control.

CosNanoTech+ Commercial Finish

Coswick offers commercial CosNanoTech+com lacquer finish for use in public and commercial interiors. CosNanoTech+ com finish is available in matte surface sheen only. Commercial lacquer finish is distinguished by increased number of corundum microparticles, which ensures even higher wear resistance than Coswick traditional lacquer finish. As a result,

CosNanoTech+com floors hold up to intensive foot traffic that’s characteristic of public spaces without wearing down the surface finish. Coswick commercial lacquer finish is primarily intended for publically used luxury interiors, such as hotel complexes, restaurants, offices, clubs, and boutiques.

Finish Warranty

Coswick CosNanoTech+ lacquer comes under finish warranty. The finish warranty means that factory-applied lacquer finish will not wear down to bare wood and will not separate from wood during the entire warranty period, when used and cared for according to manufacturer specifications regarding use and maintenance of the floor. Finish warranties are as follows:

  • Twenty-five (25) years for lacquer CosNanotech+ finish for use in residential interiors;
  • 25 Year Finish WarrantyThirty-five (35) years for lacquer CosNanoTech+com for use in residential interiors;
  • Three (3) years for lacquer CosNanoTech+com for use in public or commercial interiors.
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